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From Holistic Therapist to Counsellor

My journey into counselling began while working with my holistic therapies.I noticed during reflexology sessions, clients would often begin to share deep feelings and emotions. This prompted both physical and emotional healing. I realised that sometimes physical problems, headaches, muscle pain, stress, stomach problems were linked with emotional upset. The holistic trinity of mind body and spirit were indeed connected, and this was the direction I wanted to go. One day a new client was referred to me. She had painful shoulder. I did two separate deep tissue massage treatment and felt there was not a muscle problem causing the pain. On the 3rd visit I mentioned that emotional upset or grief sometimes created shoulder problems. She burst into tears and told me about the death of a close relative. I stopped the treatment, allowing her instead to sit in the chair and talk. When she had said how she really felt, been able to cry for the first time, the pain and stiffness in her shoulder had gone completely. She stayed with me for massage for many years, though her shoulder never troubled her again. This event triggered a major change for me. I embarked on several years of training, to become a fully qualified counsellor. I still see some clients for holistic therapies, though my direction is now firmly counselling.

Living on the borders of West Sussex and Surrey, I am in easy reach of Plaistow, Haslemere, Horsham, Petworth, Cranleigh , and Billingshurst..

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