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About online therapy

Since the arrival of Coronavirus, my therapy room is closed due to government restrictions, and the obligation to wear masks and visors, I prefer to work online.
I see clients online via Zoom or offer telephone sessions. I still use my therapy room for these sessions. This offers the same ‘feel’ for those who were used to coming in person, and ensures my space is confidential.

Advantages of online therapy

There are advantages to online sessions
Also known as remote sessions , or video sessions

Stay safe at home, following Covid restrictions
No driving, fuel costs, or worry about bad weather conditions
More convenient to stay home
No time spent travelling
More flexible appointments
Some clients feel better able to share their feelings from a remote location
Some clients feel more comfortable not meeting their therapist in person
Stay in the comfort of your own home
More convenient if clients have mobility issues
Choose a counsellor from anywhere in the UK
More choice of therapeutic preference without the restriction of finding a therapist close to where you live

Contact and first session

0ur initial contact will be via email please .I find most of my clients arrange a mutually convenient appointment and begin their counselling journey as soon as possible, however If you require more information, we can arrange a convenient time to talk on the phone. I also offer a free brief initial online chat if you feel you want to meet me before making your first counselling appointment.

We will arrange our counselling sessions via email. I will send you the ‘link’ to the session on the day, via email. When it is time for your appointment, all you need to do is
‘ click’ on the link within the email to take you straight to your counselling session. It’s very easy, and no technical skill is required

If there is a technical problem during the online session, and either of use lose internet connection, we will continue our session via telephone, FaceTime or similar. We will discuss your preferred back up plan at our first session.

I will be in my counselling room during your session. This is a quiet and confidential space. It is important you can find a quiet and confidential space for yourself to engage in your session. Just to mention, if you are under the influence of drugs or alcohol, the session will not proceed.

Payment and cancellation

Counselling sessions are £45 and lasts 50 minutes
Single session therapy is £75 and lasts approximately 75 minutes, however may be longer if necessary, or shorter if we have reached your desired goal

Payment is to be paid by bank transfer in advance of your session please.

Please give at least 24 hours’ notice of cancellation if possible. Cancellation less than 24 hours will be chargeable at the full session rate.
Cancellation or ‘no show’ on the day will be still be charged as a session at the full rate.
I will be ready on time to start our session together. If you are late to the meeting, I will wait 15 minutes. If you are later than that, it will be classified as a ‘no show ‘

If I must cancel, I will try to give at least 24 notice. If I must cancel with less than 24 hours’ notice, I will offer you your next session at no charge, and refund your fee ( if you have already paid it)

More about online Zoom and Skype

For online counselling I use the video platforms Zoom, ( my preference) or Skype .
Zoom is FREE to download and use .

Please refer to the links below, or seek information online to read more about how these work .
Please also refer to their privacy policies, to gain understanding about what information about your session they may hold, and to check if you accept and agree to their privacy agreements.

Zoom is a video platform , preferred by Counsellors

To understand more about skype JustClick hereClick here here to go straight to it
To understand more about zoom justClick here Click here here to go straight to it


Based between the villages of Plaistow and Kirdford,The therapy room is in easy reach of <|>Billingshurst, Haslemere, Petworth, Cranleigh, Godalming, Barns Green, Wisborough green, Loxwood , Plaistow West Sussex, Kirdford, Bramley and Alfold <|>

Our contract

Before we begin your counselling sessions , you will need to sign my counselling contract. I will send this to you before we begin, so you can have a good read. If there is anything at all you don’t understand or agree with, we can mutually communicate , and see if any changes can be made , to make it easier to understand or update .

The contract is important because it gives you clear information of things like the price you will pay , the length of the sessions, my cancellation policy , my confidentiality policy , where and how we hold the sessions, for example via zoom, or phone. The contract also means you give permission to accept counselling from me, and allows you to choose what methods of communication I can use to contact you.


Based between the villages of Plaistow and Kirdford,The therapy room is in easy reach of <|>Billingshurst, Haslemere, Petworth, Cranleigh, Godalming, Barns Green, Wisborough green, Loxwood , Plaistow West Sussex, Kirdford, Bramley and Alfold <|>

Living on the borders of West Sussex and Surrey, I am in easy reach of Plaistow, Haslemere, Horsham, Petworth, Cranleigh , and Billingshurst..

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