I have Reflexology sessions with Frances on a regular basis and find it a wonderfully relaxing treatment. I have also had other treatments with her. She is an excellent therapist and has done wonders for me over the past few years. I cannot recommend her highly enough.
Mrs M
I have been visiting Frances for over four years and can highly recommend her professional approach and range of abilities. As an active sportsman, I have always recognised the value of regular therapy. Frances has ensured that I retain my fitness and endurance. More recently I have suffered a serious injury and Frances has used her range of healing skills to resolve the problem. She is a talented therapist with a dynamic and empathetic personality.
Why not give it a go? It's a great experience and excellent value.
Frances offers a range of therapies and I have used her for sports massage, ear candling and aromatherapy massage. She is has a professional, calm and friendly approach; takes time to understand what problems you have and recommends appropriate treatment(s). I would recommend her to a friend. Mrs J
Frances has given me different treatments over the years: reflexology, ear candling, reiki and sports massage. As a therapist myself, I am pretty choosy about who I will allow to lay hands on me. I trust Frances implicitly in everything she does and have never been disappointed. Although I have enjoyed every treatment she has given me, I would pick out her reflexology treatment in particular; for me, it works on all levels - physical, mental and emotional. Especially if I am at a low ebb, it raises my energy levels, calms my troubled spirit and puts my life back on track. You should try it!
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