Cost £30( or £1OO for 4 treatments pre- paid)

What is it?

Treatment of the feet, or sometimes a hands, reflexology dates back at least 5000 years, and was used by the Egyptians and the Chinese.

It was discovered that every part of the body including organs and glands were represented in specific points on the hands and feet.

What does it do?

Reflexology works by using a combination of precise movements, combined with massage, pressure points, and manipulation to treat the whole body, helping specific ailments, and bringing the body back into balance, reflexology helps trigger the body’s self-healing energy. The treatment is carried out on bare feet, while the client relaxes on a treatment is painless, natural, relaxing and not ticklish!

Boost fertility

Headaches and migraine



Back pain


Digestive problems


High blood pressure

Low energy

Above are some of the conditions my clients have reported have improved after reflexology.

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