what is it?

Holistic means mind body and spirit. This fabulous full body massage treats all three.

The massage begins with the face and upper chest, moves to scalp, ears and neck moving onto arms ,hands stomach, legs front and back, feet, and finishing on the back and shoulders.

Relax under soft towels, while each area is massaged. The cosy tranquil treatment room is warm, soft music plays while fragrant oil fills the air.

Underwear is kept on, modesty protected at all times

What does it do?

Massage warms the skin, improves skin tone and circulation. It stretches muscles to release knots and tension, therefore improving joint flexibility. Toxins are removed, cellulite is targeted. Nerve endings are soothed, and you feel stress drift away to be replaced with a feeling of calm and well being.

This treatment is a treat for Ladies or gentlemen

Cost £25
What is it?
Originating in India, this massage is part of daily life. It is given and received by all members of the family it improves circulation, keeping hair healthy, stimulating energy, and improving sleep.
Treatment is of the upper back, shoulders, upper arms, neck, scalp, face and ears. The recipient remains clothed and is seated for the treatment.
What does it do?
Using various massage techniques to work on particular areas of the body especially the neck and shoulders where stress affects the major muscles. Indian head massage can bring immediate relief, tensions are eased, fibrous knots in the muscles are released, blood and lymph circulation are improved, toxins removed from the tissues, and flexibility restored. After treatment the client feels relaxed stress free and energized.
What are the benefits?
Eliminate fibrous nodules in the muscles.
Reduce migraine and headaches
Treat sinusitis
Improve quality of sleep
Reduce nightmares
Reduce stress and anxiety
Reduce the noise of Tinnitus
Clearer thinking
Improve blood circulation
Healthy hair
Improve lymphatic drainage
Improve skin tone
Better joint flexibility more energy

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