Ear Candling

£30 (This includes the price of candles)

Originating from the Hopi Indians of North America, the candle or" Chimney" is made up of a fragrant combination of woven cotton, beeswax, honey extract and herbs to form a hollow tube. This is gently inserted into the ear canal. The client relaxes on the treatment couch, (one side than the other), while the therapist lights one end of the candle, and holds it steady while it burns down to the safety marker. Each candle burns for about 10 to 15 minutes many people drift off to sleep during treatment. Each ear is treated. After the ear candling is finished, the client then turns onto their backs while the therapist gives a short face and ear massage to boost circulation, help clear sinuses  and therefore improve results.

What does it do?

Gentle vibration caused by the flickering flame massages the ear canal improving blood circulation, and lymphatic drainage. The chimney effect of the candle regulates pressure within the ear, helping to draw out impurities, and softening impacted earwax. After one, two or three treatments the wax is usually is drawn out of the ear into candle , where it solidifies .

What are the benefits?

Help clear sinuses, regulate in ear pressure, treat headaches and migraine, induce deep relaxation, treat glue ear rhinitis divinities soften and remove impacted earwax improve blood and lymph circulation.

If you want to try the treatment for the removal of excess earwax it works best if you use either dedicated drops from the chemist designed to soften the wax, or use warm olive oil . This  softening  of the wax makes it's  removal more effective.

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